A Repurposed Fish Tank Stand Becomes Outdoor Decor

A Repurposed Fish Tank Stand Gets A New Life As Garden Decor With A Simple Makeover

I am sure most of us have seen these old iron fish tank stands, especially if we were around in the 70’s, (ahem) like I was. My dad had a similar one when I was a kid. We had wish in one tank and water frogs in a tank on the bottom. I bought this particular iron fish tank stand at a thrift shop when my son decided he wanted lizards. It wasn’t long before he grew tired of said lizards and they went to a new home. The old fish tank stand found a new home outside of my garage and with the addition of a piece of plywood on the top, it became a spot do do my spray painting. Then I gave it a makeover. Today I am going to show you how a repurposed fish tank stand can become functional and attractive decor for your porch, patio or yard.

Old Iron Fish Tank Stand

Step One: Spray Paint

I began by giving the tank stand a few coats of dark brown rust proof Rustoleum paint from a spray can and let that dry completely.

Painting An Old Fish Tank Stand

Step Two: Attach Ceramic Tiles

I purchased a few ceramic tiles from the flooring department at my local Lowe’s home improvement store for just a few dollars. I wanted the top tiles to lay over the edge of the stand. I bought two 16 inch square tiles for the top and two 13 inch tiles for the bottom. To fill in the gap between the two tiles on the bottom I purchased a third 13″ tile and had a piece cut to size at no extra cost. The folks at my Lowe’s store were happy to do this for me. I adhered all the tiles with weather proof Liquid Nails and a caulking gun.

Upcycled Fish Tank Stand Outdoor Table

Step Three: Enjoy!

This repurposed fish tank stand is now functional and weather proof as well. It makes a great plant stand on my patio….

Upcycled Fish Tank Stand Patio Table

When I have parties in the summer it can be used as a small bar holding drinks, cups or even snacks. If you have a small table top barbeque it is perfect for that as well!

Upcycled Fish Tank Stand Makeover Patio Table

Before and After Repurposed Fish Tank Stand Patio Table

This before and after garden project was so simple and cheap!

Before and After - A Repurposed Fish Tank Stand Garden Decor

More Repurposed Garden Decor

I bought this metal bird cage about twenty years ago at Michael’s Craft store when I was still living in New York. It has spent the years in different places in my home. It has held flowers, candles and even some black crows on Halloween. Last summer I grew tired of it and chucked it out on my patio. This spring I moved it to my front porch and tucked a potted geranium (my favorite summer flower) inside. I love how the blooms are poking up through the top!

Vintage Bird Cage Planter

Do you have any clever repurposed garden decor that you just LOVE?

Happy Decorating!


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