Spooky Decorating: Creating A Disney Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Tree

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Welcome Foolish Mortals! It’s that time of year again and today I have something special to share. Are you a big Haunted Mansion fan like me? Today I am showcasing my Disney Haunted Mansion themed Halloween tree!

If there’s one word that describes the Halloween season, it’s spooky! The season summons images of haunted houses, ghost stories and of course, spooky decorating. But how about adding some Disney magic to your Halloween decor? Yes, you’ve read that right – Disney and Halloween combined!

Everybody knows about Disney’s most hair-raising attraction – the Haunted Mansion. RIGHT? It is my most FAVORITE ride at Disney World! I have even ridden Phantom Manor in Disneyland Paris. I could ride them both all day long.  Today I will show you how you can create a unique Halloween Christmas tree inspired by this classic ride. So buckle up, foolish mortals, because we’re in for a spooky ride!

Quite a few years back, inspired by a photo in Country Living Magazine, I painted a standard 4-foot Christmas tree black and created a Halloween Inspired Tree for my home. I displayed it every Halloween for a couple of years and then it sat in it’s box for a couple more. Last year I  pulled it from storage and gave it a Haunted Mansion makeover.

Crafting A Disney Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Tree

Creating a Haunted Mansion inspired tree is not too complicated.  I had a lot of fun with it. With the right decoration pieces and a dash of creativity, you’ll have your very own spooky, yet enchanting Halloween tree. Don’t worry, no actual ghosts are required!

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree

Ghostly Decorations & Enchanting Ornaments

Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride is famous for its “999 Happy Haunts,” but how do you depict these spectral residents on your tree? For starters, you can find ghostly ornaments online easily. And you can make your own too!

If there’s one thing the Haunted Mansion isn’t short of, it’s eccentric characters. From the Hitchhiking Ghosts to the ghastly Bride, there are plenty of distinctive characters who’d make great additions to your Halloween tree. I had a plan for making this tree for the better part of a year and started collecting a few of the Disney Parks Haunted Mansion Ornaments online.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ghosts Christmas Tree Ornament

One of my favorite ornaments in the collection is this Hitchhiking Ghosts in The Doom Buggy.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree: Hitchhiking Ghosts In Doom buggy Ornament

I try to pick a new one up every time we go to Disney World too. Like this Madam Leota light up ornament.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree: Madam Leota Ornament

Let’s take a closer look at the ribbon here. I actually made this. I bought a roll of purple polyester grosgrain ribbon and sublimated the design onto it. I love the way it turned out.

I also added a set of clip on mini battery operated candles to the Halloween Tree. They work on a timer which is great.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree Bride Ornament and Battery Operated Candles

The store bought Disney ornaments can get expensive. Don’t feel the need to go overboard. You really don’t need many to give your Haunted Mansion tree an authentic look and feel. Add loads of cobwebs, a string of purple twinkle lights (with a black wire) and make some of your own ornaments.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree Photo Ornaments

I created these picture frame ornaments featuring the infamous bride Constance Hatchaway and each of her doomed husbands for the tree. I snagged a great deal on some cute, intricately designed frame ornaments at Michael’s, right off the clearance rack after the Christmas rush. Don’t you just love a good bargain? I found the Constance’s wedding images online, resized them and printed on top-notch paper. I popped one into each of these pretty frames. It was a super easy DIY project!

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree Photo Ornaments

What would the Haunted Mansion be without its “foolish mortals”? Guess who are those? That’s right, we’re talking about you and me! Remember, Halloween isn’t all about the scares. You could include a few “living” characters on your tree, representing the ride’s brave visitors. You can add your family’s photographs for a special touch in there too!

Adding The Finishing Touches

Now for the finishing touches. I needed a unique tree topper for this Haunted Mansion Halloween tree and what says Haunted  Mansion like a candelabra?! I bought this small brass candelabra off of Ebay and turned it into a simple tree topper by gluing a copper coupling to the bottom using my trusty Amazing Goop adhesive. You can get a copper coupling at any hardware store. Just bring your candelabra with you and pick out a coupling that fits nicely onto the bottom. I finished it off with Lavender Purple 4 inch Taper candles that I melted a little with a lighter for a drippy look.

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree Handmade Candelabra Tree Topper

I spruced up the bottom of the tree by adding a spine-chilling recycled bottle, filled with what we’ll pretend are “poisonous Twisted Twigs”. Also, I got hold of some ornate thrift-store frames and placed a pair of Memento Mori photos inside for that extra eerie touch!

Memento Mori Framed Photos

Creating a Disney Haunted Mansion inspired Halloween tree is all about balancing enchantment with horror. You want your Halloween decor to be spooky, yes, but you also want it to reflect the charm and creativity Disney is world-famous for. So dare to be different this season and immerse your home in the spooky, spectacular world of the Disney Haunted Mansion. Who knows, you might even start attracting your own happy haunts! PS. If you are a real diehard Haunted Mansion fan you could even leave this up for Christmas! I mean it started out as a Christmas tree RIGHT?!

Disney's Haunted Mansion Inspired Halloween Christmas Tree

Thank you so much for traveling with me on this latest creative decorating journey. I hope you had a hauntingly good time!



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