Confederate Jasmine and Thrifty Finds

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Spring is in full swing here in eastern North Carolina but summer seems to be trying to move in this week. I woke up this morning to a sticky humid mess of a day. Needless to say the windows were closed and the air conditioning was turned on. My daughter is itching to go swimming and quite frankly I am not ready to give up the beautiful sunny days, temps in the mid 70’s and low humidity. As much as I enjoy living in N.C. I am not a fan of intense heat and humidity.

On weekends I work at a small horse farm and right now the Confederate jasmine is in full bloom at the farm. Confederate jasmine is a fast growing, climbing vine that grows here in the east. It blooms in the spring and smells heavenly! As soon as I pull up in the driveway my nose is tantalized with its sweet scent that reminds me of Honeysuckle.
confederate jasmine

As you can see it has taken over the railing on this staircase. I have been dying to grow some of it in my own yard. If you are curious about this sweet smelling vine you can read up on Confederate jasmine here.

I’ve been out and about this week treasure hunting and today I would like to share with you a few favorite thrifty finds I snagged for a just a few bucks.

thrift store doll bed I found this great little bed frame and immediately thought, “What a great little doll bed!” After a second or two I realized it would make a wonderful little doggie bed. With a new paint job and a new mattress I think our pooches will just love it!


I found this pint sized outdoor rocking chair sitting outside of my favorite thrift store just waiting for a new home. Although the paint is chipping badly, it’s nice and solid. With a little bit of elbow grease and some new paint this will make a great little chair for a wee one.

thift store rocking chair

And last but not least, I brought home this eye sore of a step stool. It’s wobbly, there is paint splattered all over it and the bottom of the legs look like they have been chewed on by a piranha. I could imagine the weird look my husband or mom would have given me when I picked it up with a gleam in my eye. Even I think I am a bit loopy for lugging this one home. I am going to chalk it up to the lack of sleep I had last night.

thift store step stool

I have a few ideas brewing for this piece. Just wait ’til they see it when I am finished with it.

So, how much did I spend on these thrift store finds? I paid a big $15 for all three. Not too bad, huh? Stay tuned to see the finished results!

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