Turquoise Treasures… An Aqua Love Affair

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I’ve been on an “Aqua” kick this past year. Recently I realized how many projects I have done in this color when I was going through my picture files. Not only have I painted many of my creations this color I have also incorporated this beautiful color into my own home decor. …Mainly my Livingroom and my Breakfast room. At home I’ve paired my beloved Aqua with punches of red and absolutely love this color combination. The warmth of red and the cool and calmness of aqua really balance and compliment each other.
Aqua can be used in retro themed, contemporary, cottage and beach style homes. Today I thought I would share SOME pictures of my “Turquoise” Treasures!

A peek inside my home….
Whew! Can you believe Purple is really my favorite color????? I would say Aqua runs a close second and Pink coming in third. Being a decorator at heart I can appreciate many colors.
Have a Great weekend!

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