A Thrift Store Dresser Gets Another Makeover with a French Twist

A Thrift Store Dresser Gets Another Makeover…With A French Twist

I picked this thrift store dresser a few years back at one of my favorite haunts for a steal. I liked the shape of the piece and thought I could do something with it despite the fact that the two bottom drawers were not functioning. Today I am going to take you on a journey as this thrift store dresser receives a couple of makeovers.

A Thrift Store Dresser Makeover

When I brought this dresser home to my studio I removed the two broken drawers and added a shelf in their place. I painted the entire piece white and added a blue gingham curtain to cover the shelving. I placed it in my cottage style dining room where it housed extra dishes and tablecloths. The top of this upcycled thrift store dresser gave me extra space to display my collectibles and to serve dessert on holidays. This cute “buffet” lived in my dining room for a few years.

A Thrift Store Dresser Is Repurposed Into A Buffet For A Dining Room

A few months ago I was looking for a piece of furniture to go between my sofa and love seat in my living room. My home is always evolving as I grow tired of existing decor and arrangements. My living room is a bit tricky to decorate because I have a few doorways, a fireplace, french doors and a large 4′ X 4′ salt water aquarium to contend with. It makes furniture placement a bit challenging. My solution was to angle the sofa and love seat in a “V” arrangement with a table in the middle. (I will be doing a future post on my entire living room in the near future.)

I decided to re-purpose my thrift store dresser once again and this time I was giving it a French twist for my living room.

French Inspired Upcycled Dresser

I painted the dresser a light gray and distressed it a bit to bring out black undertones. I painted the edges black before going over the dresser with the gray. I swapped out the gingham check fabric for a heavy weight French script fabric. I attached two panels of fabric with my staple gun and trimmed it in gimp and upholstery tacks to give it a finished look.

French Inspired Upcycled Dresser with French Script Fabric

I added two lion head drawer pulls after I gave them a new dark gray paint job with a white color wash overcoat.

A Gray Painted Lion Head Drawer Pull on a French Inspired Upcycled Dresser

This now French inspired upcycled thrift store dresser looks right at home nestled in between my sofa and love seat. It gives me some extra storage in the living room plus a place to put a lamp and drinks while we are watching the boob tube.

French Inspired Upcycled Dresser

We truly LIVE in our living room so it needs to be comfortable, functional and pretty! I have been working on a few projects in my French Country living room over the past few months. Today is just one of a series of upcoming posts that will have a French twist.

On a personal note:

My husband has recently changed jobs and is working for a European company that requires him to travel to Europe a few times a year. He was actually in France very briefly back in November. I am so excited that I will get to travel with him occasionally. Hopefully some time this year I may actually get to see Paris with my own two eyes among other beautiful European sites. I have always dreamed of traveling to Europe. Yippee!

Stay tuned!

Happy Decorating.


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