Easy DIY Photo Mats

These Easy DIY Photo Mats Will Give Your Wall Art Personality and Presence

Creating your own artwork can be a cost effective way to dress up a blank wall in your home. Matting photographs or artwork with can give them a more finished look and allow you to use a larger frame for more impact.Store bought mats can be very plain and generic and become expensive if you have many to buy. Today I am going to show you how to create an Easy DIY Photo Mat that’s easy to customize to your own style and decor.

This easy crafty project is a chapter ripped from my Master Bedroom Makeover. I had a couple of framed photos that I wanted to update completely. I originally gave them a matted look by placing a photographs on layers of fabric cut to fit the frame. I attached a couple of buttons to the top of the glass as embellishments. Cutesy and Country. They hung on my walls  for years. I wanted a new look all together.

Easy DIY Photo Mats

Easy DIY Photo Mats Tutorial

I started with a piece of poster board cut to the size of my 10″ X 13″ frame. I gave the poster board a coat of silver spray paint and let it dry. When that was complete I simply stenciled over the silver with white craft paint.

Easy DIY Photo Mats Craft Project

I was going for a subtle damask look.

Easy DIY Photo Mats

Once that was dry I adhered a horse inspired upcycled book page  that I created on my computer to the top with a glue stick. You know, the kind of glue sticks we send our little ones to kindergarten with?

Creative DIY Photo Mats

They look great flanking my bed just above my upcycled night stands.

Easy DIY Photo Mats

If you want to create your own and give them a personal touch you can make your own DIY photo mats using the same process. You can easily change the color combination and stencil design to suit your own taste.

Here is another set of DIY photo mats I did for a client recently…

DIY Photo Mats

These easy DIY Photo Mats are actually pieces of brown craft paper that I painted and then adhered vintage beach images to. You could actually use paper shopping bags if you wanted to!

The next time you want to frame a standard print or family photo and don’t want to spend a fortune on expensive mats, create your own DIY photo mats and give them personality!

You can also watch my DIY Photo Mats video here:

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