A Christmas Paper Wreath at Dollar Tree’s Holiday Craft Contest

Hi Everyone,
A few weeks ago I discovered that Dollar Tree was hosting a Crafty Christmas Contest. The rules were pretty simple. Shop at Dollar Tree and come up with a craft for the Holidays for under $20. Well, this sounded interesting and the “wheels began turning”. I have seen beautiful paper wreaths popping up all over blogland and I have been wanting to try one so I thought I would take this opportunity and run with it.
I stopped at my local Dollar Tree store, found a decent size book and began throwing anything into the cart I thought I might embelish with.

This is what I came home with… two wreath forms, satin ribbon, large hardback book, jingle bells, pinecones and some other goodies.

I LOVE these glittered reindeer ornaments!
I went home and got to work. I decided to use the foam wreath form. It was a bit thick so I had to cut it in half with a knife. (Nicked my finger too!)
I wrapped the form with the satin ribbon and secured it with hot glue.
I ripped a bunch of pages out of the book and created a BUNCH of different sized cones.  It took me awhile to get the hang of it. When finished I began hot gluing them around the wreath form. I think I used somewhere around 75-80 cones for this wreath layered in two rows!
Once I got all the cones on I created a “fan” inspired center to cover up the mess in the middle.
I then took it outside, sprayed it with spray adhesive and sprinkled white glitter all over it. I LOVE how that turned out:)
I decided to add one of the glittered reindeer to the center of that and added a few vintage bobbles.
I had this beautiful “Happy Holidays” glittered paper sign stashed in my craft clost and thought it looked great beneath the reindeer.
And VOILA! Here is the finished product….
It hangs in the bay window of my diningroom on a wreath hanger suspended from the curtain rod. I think It looks great there.
I had so much fun created my wreath I made another one for my breakfast room. This one came out smaller with only one layer of cones.
I added a glittered “Merry Christmas” sign to the middle and embelished it with a vintage kitschy reindeer ornament, vintage bobbles and pinecone. I love this one too and it sits in the center window in my breakfast room.
These wreaths were so much fun to make and VERY inexpensive…just a couple of dollars. I’d say less than $8 and some creativity!

I would LOVE it if you would take a minute to hop on over Dollar Tree’s Contest Gallery
When you get there just click on the wreath image and you will see a place to vote.

Thanks a Bunch!
Merry Christmas!
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5 Responses

  1. Ginger

    What a fantastic idea! Both wreaths look phenomenal! Love your use of vintage baubles as well, lovely!


    That is so awesome!!! The look fab!
    Deb 🙂

  3. Debbi

    wow! These are amazing. Thanks for the tutorial on how you made them too!

  4. Linda@Coastal Charm

    I'm so happy that I came by and got to see your beautiful wreath. I’m having a Christmas Open House…would love to have you join in on the fun. Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  5. Confessions of a Plate Addict

    Hi Lisa! What a beautiful wreath! Wishing you a wonderful Christmas with your family filled with peace, love and joy! Merry Christmas!…hugs…Debbie

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