Christmas Crafting: DIY Snow Covered Pinecones and Poop Snowmen

Hi All,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! After a wonderful family vacation I have been scrambling around the past week trying to get my Christmas Decorating done. I have managed to get my tree up, decorate my Christmas Mantel and added some holiday touches to my kitchen. My dining room is still in total disarray but I am hoping to have that completed over the weekend. I am hoping to get some pics posted next week.

Today I wanted to stop in and share with you a quick and easy Christmas craft project: DIY Snow Covered Pinecones.

Pinecones are great additions to your holiday decor. They can act as fillers on shelves, tablescapes and also look wonderful placed in baskets, bowls and more. They can be easily found in your own backyard or purchased in your local craft store. Even grocery stores are carrying heavenly scented pinecones during the holidays.
Vintage Kitchen Christmas Display

You can make your pinecones look like they are covered with snow very easily.

Faux Snowcovered Pinecones DIY

For DIY Snow Covered Pinecones you will need:

  • Some Pinecones found in your own backyard or purchased at your local craft store
  • A Small Container of Spackle or Joint Compound found at your local hardware store
  • A Small Stiff Paint Brush or Icecream Stick.
  • Plastic Tablecloth or Wax Paper

To give your pinecones a snow covered look you can simply roll each pinecone in the spackle to cover the tips and set it done on the plastic tablecloth or wax paper to dry. Alternatively you can apply the spackle to the tips of each pinecone with the icecream stick or small stiff paint brush. Let dry overnight.

Now you have your own DIY Snow Covered Pinecones for your holiday decorating!

If you feel like getting a little more creative you can also create snow covered winter trees, perfect for dressing up a Christmas Village display!

Faux Snowcovered Trees

To create my winter trees I started by collecting dead branches in my back yard and cutting them down to size, about 8-12″ tall. I drilled a hole into a small piece of wood and glued the stick right into it, creating it’s base. I covered the base of each tree with spackle and then “painted” on the spackle “snow” to sections of each branch. I have had these little trees  for years and love them paired with my collection of holiday houses.

As I mentioned before I just got back from a wonderful family vacation….at Disney World! I can’t say Disney is a relaxing trip because you have to do sooooooo much walking but it is so much fun! The first time I went was on my honeymoon many years ago.

My kids are no strangers to “The Most Magical Place On Earth”.

Disney Vacation Magic Kingdom

The Disney parks are beautifully decorated for the holidays.

Magic Kingdom Castle at Christmas

One of my kid’s favorite parks is Disney’s Animal Kingdom. My son really enjoys the Kilimanjaro Safari  adventure where you can see many animals and my daughter wants to work with animals when she grows up.

animal kingdom Disney

While walking through one of the exhibits I couldn’t help but notice these adorable Snowmen

Snowmen Made From Poop at Disney's Animanl Kingdom

They are, ahem, made out of animal POOP! Talk about upcycling! I just had to take a picture. LOl. I think that is one craft project I will leave up to the folks at the wonderful world of Disney. I won’t be trying this creative craft project anytime soon.

So, I hope you are enjoying your holiday preparations. Have a Great Weekend!



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