Quick and Easy Upcycled Garden Décor Ideas

No matter where you live, Summer generally brings us outdoors. Some of head to the poolside or the beach and some of us find our way to the garden to gaze at the butterflies and bumblebees. Today I thought it would be fun to share a few quick and easy upcycled garden décor ideas that may get you outside to dress up your own garden.

Garden Roses

I would love to have a beautiful cottage style garden, the kind that are featured in magazines or commercials for Miracle Grow but I just don’t have that kind of time and my thumb isn’t exactly Kelly green. I have killed many poor plants in my day but I do my best. For what I lack in gardening skills I try to make up with in cute decorative garden accents. For those of us who love to decorate the inside of our homes there is no reason why we can’t continue decorating outside as well.

Leftover rain boots from those April showers? Maybe you have a pair your child has outgrown? You can upcycle old rain boots and use them in your garden or porch by placing a glass jar filled with water inside a rain boot. Place a bouquet of fresh flowers in the jar and you have a nice centerpiece for a picnic table or an outdoor sitting area.

Upcycled Rain Boots Garden Decor

You can easily create unique bird bath by upcycling and old enamel bowl, a salvaged spindle and a thrift store plate. I built this “shabby” birdbath a few years ago by gluing each piece to the next with Amazing Goop Household Adhesive.

Upcycled Bird Bath Planter

I LOVE this glue. This bird bath held up through winter storms, rain, heat, cold, even a hurricane or two. I finally retired it last summer because the bowl rusted through.

Hand paint an old chair and display it in your garden. Place a potted plant on the seat and you have instant garden décor with character. Sealing it with a few coats of polyurethane will help protect it from the elements.

Upcycled Garden Chair

This last project is one of my favorites. I bought this vintage bike at a thrift shop a few years back. I gave it a few coats of paint and placed it in my front garden. I have gotten quite a few lovely comments about it over the years. When painting your own vintage bike for your garden I highly recommend using a rust proof paint.

Vintage Bike Garden Art

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4 Responses

  1. Jenny

    Hi Lisa. Just found your blog & link up. Thanks for hosting. I love the red bike. I think that would be so fun to have in a garden. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Laurie

    I love your projects I want to try making several bird baths

    • Lisa

      Hi Laurie,
      Thanks so much! I loved making this bird bath. I have a new post coming out later this week with a few more upcycled garden décor ideas.

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