Decorating and Crafting With Vintage Cook Books

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I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween last week! We had a nice time. Every year my siblings bring their kiddies over and Trick or Treating becomes a family event. I look forward to it. The weather cooperated as well. We were not freezing our tookus’ off like a year or two ago and the rain held up.

halloween 2013 at Lisa's

My kids and hubby got into the Halloween spirit by carving this year’s Jack O’ Lantern. This year my daughter dressed up as Rose Tyler, her favorite companion from BBC’s hot show Doctor Who. (Yes we are Whovians here at the Hogan household!) My nephew should have gotten a prize for his Cutest Vampire Ever costume. My son, who is almost 18, thought he was too old to go trick or treating this year. I convinced him that you are never too old for Halloween and assured him nobody would be checking I.D’s at the door so he threw on a furry wolf hat and joined us.

halloween night at Lisa's

And now for today’s topic… Vintage Cook Books!

No vintage style kitchen would be complete without a few vintage cook books.

Vintage Betty Crocker Cook Book

I love vintage cook books like this vintage Campbell’s Soup Cook Book.

Vintage Campbell's Soup Cook Book

Their covers are wonderful and they have pages and pages of great images and text. I love flipping through them and sometimes I even make a few of their old fashioned recipes!

Vintage Cook Book

Vintage cook books look great displayed on a shelf, soffit space or on a kitchen counter.

Decorating with a vintage cook book.

You can also do some crafting with vintage cook book pages.

Vintage Cook Book Pages For Framing Or Crafting.

When I was renting my retail space over the summer we needed more display pieces for our selection of small kitchen items. This old display shelf was sitting in a corner, lonely and unused.

Thrift Shop Display Shelf

I wanted to hang it on the wall but it needed something. I decided to dress it up a bit. I touched up the black paint and added a creative backing. I pulled a few old recipe pages from a vintage cook book I had on hand and decoupaged them to a quarter inch MDF board cut to fit the back of the shelf.

upcycled vintage cook book pages

I attached the board to the back and hung the display shelf onto the wall. I love it! This would look great in a kitchen!

An Upcycled Kitchen Display Shelf

I love the pictures and the old text of the vintage recipe pages. I did a quick search in the net and found an Etsy seller who creates tiles from old ephemera like this Vintage Ham Tile Coaster . OMG I love this!

Ham Recipe Page Tile


If you don’t have a shelf to work on you could also frame a few interesting pages and use them as wall art. You could  also decoupage vintage cook book pages to a piece of furniture or, here’s a thought, what about your cabinet doors? I would not recommend this if you have nice cabinetry but if you have a fixer upper kitchen this could be a creative solution for old, drab cabinets. How cool would that look?! I have even considered creating a back splash with them. Hmmm. I have actually been considering adding a back splash for quite some time.

Vintage 1950's Better Homes and Garden New Cook Book

 So blogland friends, the next time you come across a vintage cook book like this 1950’s Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book  don’t pass it up. It can make a great addition to your vintage style kitchen!

Have you ever used vintage cook books in decorating your kitchen? How have you displayed them?

That’s all for today Blogland friends! Thanks for reading!


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