Easy Christmas Crafts: An Upcycled Basket Snowman

Learn How To Create a Cheerful Upcycled Basket Snowman To Add To Your Holiday Decor

Hi Folks! I have barely finished digesting all the turkey and trimmings I ate for Thanksgiving and here we are right smack in the middle of the Christmas rush! If you are looking for a last minute easy Christmas craft project  to do with the kiddies or just for fun, today I am going to show you how to make a cute Upcycled Basket Snowman. I have been doing some work for Smart Retailer Magazine and you may remember my post from October featuring the pumpkin patch I created out of old baskets for an upcoming article. The article was about using baskets in unique ways to create interesting store displays.  This is what I came up with  for Christmas….. Crafting An Upcycled Basket Snowman This cute Snowman started out as a bunch of flat round baskets that I found at a local thrift shop. Flat Thrift Store Serving Baskets

To Create Your Own Upcycled Basket Snowman You Will Need:

  • 3 Round Flat Wicker Baskets (The kind that holds plates at a picnic)
  • Large Clay or Plastic Flower Pot
  • Large Black Buttons
  • Small Black Buttons
  • A Piece Of Floral Foam large enough to fit snugly in the flower pot.
  • 4′ Wooden Stake
  • White Pillow Stuffing
  • 2 Large Googly Eyes
  • White Spray Paint
  • Orange Craft Paint
  • Pink Craft Paint
  • An Old Scarf
  • An Old Hat (optional)
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • White Craft Glue


  1. Line up the baskets in a row and measure them. Cut the stake so the baskets fit on the stake leaving extra room on the bottom for it to slide into the basket. The exact measurement will depend on the size of you baskets and flower pot.
  2. Hot glue the back of the baskets to the stake one on top of each other. You can also add a couple of tiny nails or staples to it for extra security.
  3. Take your “Snowman” outside and spray the front and back with the white paint. It may take a couple of coats. While that is drying you may want to paint your flower pot.
  4. Once everything is dry, push your floral foam into the flower pot, adding glue to the bottom first.
  5. Place glue on the bottom of the stake and insert your snowman into the foam.
  6. Glue the pillow stuffing to the top of the flower pot to hide the foam. It looks like “snow!”
  7. Glue on the large black buttons on your Snowman’s belly and create his smile with the small ones.
  8. Glue on his eyes, paint on a carrot nose and pink cheeks.
  9. Glue on his scarf.
  10. You can add a knit hat too if you like!
DIY Upcycled Basket Snowman
The Back Of The Snowman

This adorable Upcycled Basket Snowman was really easy and fun to create. Aside from the baskets and the scarf I picked up and a local thrift shop, I had everything else on hand. I guess it pays off to be a pack rat sometimes! This cute little guy measures over 3′ feet tall and makes a great prop for a store display like the photo below but it can also be displayed in your home on a front porch, beside a Christmas tree or at the base of your fireplace! An Upcycled Basket Snowman If you decide to get a little crafty this Christmas and create an Upcycled Basket Snowman of your own please send me a photo! I would love to see what you come up with! Happy Decorating!



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