Decorating For Christmas In The Kitchen

Happy Holidays Friends,

As promised, here are a few last minute Christmas photos. Today we will be decorating for Christmas in the kitchen….vintage style. I have a thing for vintage kitchen items and Christmas time is no different. I especially love decorating for Christmas in the kitchen with a touch of kitsch. I think it is because those items remind me of going to Grandma’s for Christmas when I was a kid.

A few years ago I started putting up a red and white themed Christmas tree in my kitchen atop a vintage Hoosier table I snagged for $20 at a local thrift shop.

Decorating For Christmas In The Kitchen

At the base of the tree I created a little vignette with a baking theme in mind. I love my vintage Hamilton Beach mixer. I must confess though I do not use it much as it weighs a ton. I usually whip out my modern day electric hand mixer when I am making my Christmas goodies. It looks great sitting in my vintage inspired kitchen though!

Baking Christmas Cookies Themed Christmas Vignette

One of my favorite kitschy items I have on display is this vintage Christmas With The Chipmunks Album I bought off of Ebay. When I was little I made Grandma play this album over and over again on the old turntable! Every time I look at it I am warmly reminded of my childhood.

Vintage Christmas With The Chipmunks Album

I have a collection of vintage winking Santa mugs and a matching Santa pitcher that I love. If I could only put out a few Christmas items they would make the top of the list. They look great paired up with my floral year ’round dishes. Vintage ornaments fill up old milk glass containers.

Decorating For Christmas In The Kitchen

A tinsel tree and a few ornaments tucked among my collection of vintage kitchen wares dress up my soffit space.

Decorating For Christmas In The Kitchen

Decorating for Christmas in the kitchen always entails a cute tablescape. I host Christmas Eve dinner every year so of course I have to dress up my kitchen table. Being that we eat dinner at the table every night I don’t have this year’s tablescape finished yet so I thought I would share one from a couple of years ago….

Vintage Christmas Tablescape

I love the vintage Christmas tablecloth. My kitchen table usually ends up being the kid’s table on Christmas Eve with the overflow of a few adults that cannot fit in our small formal dining room. My sisters are usually the ones who end up sitting at the “kid’s” table and they bust my chops about it. This year’s table will be done in a Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer theme! Won’t they love that!

You don’t have to have a completely decked out vintage style kitchen to add an old fashioned Christmas feeling to the heart of your home. Decorating your kitchen  for Christmas with a few vintage elements can give it a touch of nostalgia that will make you all warm and fuzzy. Thrift stores, flea markets and even online is a great place to start hunting for your own vintage Christmas treasures!

Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas filled with good food and good times!


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