Creating A “New” Pantry From Recycled Doors

Hi All,

So, another busy week has gone by. I am happy top say that with a few unexpected time off from work I was able to finish a project that was started months ago. Whoowee!

So…. what happens when you don’t have enough cabinet space or a proper pantry in your little kitchen???  You compromise by painting  a beat up metal cabinet that you have to kick the door to shut it!

red metal pantry


What do you do when you are sick of looking at it, kicking it AND have a bunch of old doors, scrap wood and porch finnials taking up space in your garage????

old doors and scrap wood

You start brain storming, come up with a plan, draw a rough sketch and drag out the hammer and circular saw and start building!

Panellked Door Pantry

Here’s a glance of my new Pantry mid-project, put together and primed. (Please excuse the mess in the garage!) The sides are made up of a set of two panelled closet bi-fold doors, the shelves are the scrap wood and the front will be the thrift store vintage panelled door I have hung on to just waiting for the perfect project.

upcycled door project

Once assembled and primed, I painted it and gave it the same color wash treatment I did on the rest of my kitchen cabinets a few months ago. (You can read my Cabinet Update Post Here )

Kitchen Cabinets Redo To add some character to the piece I trimmed the top with some decorative moulding.

Upcycled Door Pantry

To compensate for the baseboard moulding on the wall I decided to ommit the back feet so it would lay flush against the wall. I screwed it right into the wall studs to secure it.  Here it is all done…….

upcycled door pantry

A view from the side….

upcycled door pantry

As you can see the new “pantry” is much taller and I have alot of room for food storage. I COULD have spent the time to “stage” the shelves for a much better photo but I thought I’d keep it real!

upcycled door pantry


What do you think???

upcycled door pantry

By no means is it perfect. I am NOT a professional carpenter, but I love how it turned out. I have now freed up some space in my existing cabinets which sparked a new quick makeover project. More on THAT later!

Thanks so much for visiting today!



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3 Responses

  1. andimac

    I love your design! I have an old door sitting in my garage that I have been wondering what to do with. This is such a great idea – one of my favorite designs for old doors so far!

  2. Sandy

    I’m very impressed with your carpentry skills! or skillz, whichever you prefer 😉

  3. Aunt Linda

    Hey babe, I’m so proud of u! Ur just kickin ass & taken name later right LOL U r so talented, I’m glad ur makin money at it. Well gotta go now so I’ll ttuf Love u A. Linda xxxooo

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