A New Year…New Beginnings and Looking Forward

Hi Everyone,

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday season and New Year! To be honest I am happy Christmas is over. I grew weary of rushing around like a chicken without a head and feeling STRESSED. New Year’s Eve was nice and quiet. I made a Lasagna for dinner (my daughter’s favorite) and we spent the evening relaxing on the couch watching SYFY’s Twilight Zone marathon. I look forward to that every year. My Mom stopped by for an hour or so and at 10 pm my brother, his wife and my nephew come over to play poker (atleast TRY to, I had no idea how to play) and to ring in the new year. No wild parties and no lampshades were used as hats that night. That’s the way I like it. A cozy night at home.

Now that 2012 is here and things are starting to return to normal I am chomping at the bit to emerse myself in the long list of projects I plan to do. On that list you will find things like Building a pantry in the kitchen, redecorating my master bathroom, master bedroom, my son’s room and my daughter’s room. I am also hoping to turning this MESS of a garage…

garage mess

(YIKES) into a clean, organized and functional design studio. Believe it or not it was organized enough for me to work in a few weeks ago but then the Christmas rush happened! You know, gift wrapping, shipping Christmas orders…etc. I really need to get in there to sort and purge before I can even start to do anything else. This will probably be my biggest project of the year, and of course it will all be done on a budget. Any advice or thoughts are much appreciated!

I am also making some changes to my business. This month will be my last month over at Swansboro Antiques and Uniques. I will be taking time off to focus more on selling online, blogging and moving forward with the Design and Home Staging aspect of my LITTLE company. I will be putting a few items inside The Funky Chicken, (Don’t you just love that name?) an adorable little gift shop that is due to open in the Emerald Plantation shopping center in Emerald Isle February 1st. I am super excited about this new adventure.

As far as New Year’s Resolutions???? Hmmm…I would like to find some balance between work and home, to slow down a bit so I am not feeling pulled in different directions all the time.  I know it sounds cliche but I have to lose a few pounds. All of the cookies, cakes, pies and carbohydrate overload I have been eating the past few months have found their way to my rear end. I was going through my dresser last week and some of my pants are not fitting any more. MOOO! Its always fun gaining but not so much trying to get rid of it! Good Bye Bagels, Good Bye dinner rolls, potatoes, cakes and cookies!

This week I am ripping down all of my Christmas decor and getting the house back to normal. I will be back to blogging and sharing my latest projects very soon, including a peek at my Winter Mantel and an adorable beach inspired town house I just completed for a client.

Stay tuned! I am excited to see what 2012 has in store for me! I hope you will find this year to be a great one 🙂



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