A Kitchen Inspired Bridal Shower

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Hi Folks!

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a bridal shower a friend of mine hosted for a friend of hers. She invited me to come help set up and add a couple of extra hands.  My friend Shirley is another creative lady and she had quite a few unique ideas up her sleeve when decorating for the event.

I thought I’d share some of the photos I took that day:)

kitchen bridal shower table setting

This party had a kitchen inspired theme and Shirley added a lot of  quirky and fun decorating ideas to it. The table was set with bamboo trays  filled with a charger, lace trimmed napkins,napkin ring, scented candle and neat centerpiece made out of a flower pot and kitchen utensils as the “flowers” at each place setting. I really got a kick out of them. How neat is that?!!!!kitche shower place settingWe tied vintage aprons to the backs of the chairs for added whimsy.

vintage apron decor

I thought this was a very neat idea.

apron decor

The tables were set up in front of huge windows overlooking the water. This is the view….

bear creek

Isn’t it “To Die For”????!!! I could sit for hours on that porch sipping tea or coffee dreaming the day away.

decorated buffet

The buffet was decorated with lovely plastic gift boxes that lit up, tea light candles and pictures of the bride and groom in tiny frames. This made such a pretty display when everything was lit.

dessert table

She put out quite a spread of food, enough to feed an army. This was the dessert table. Cute huh? I made the purple cupcakes. Everything was delicious!

The gift table…..bridal shower gifts

Here is a side view shot of the wacky “wishing well” Shirley came up with. She created it out of a laundry basket, mop and broom, and bucket. She adorned it with sponges, spoons, and a bunch of household items. I think its just a HOOT!

shower wishing well

Here’s a closeup of the roof….wishing well roof

And lastly, here is a shot of the party in full swing. The party was a hit, the guests had a great time and the guest of honor seemed just tickled by everything!

Kitchen Shower

Thanks for stopping by today! Perhaps someday if you find yourself hosting a bridal shower and need some ideas this post will come to mind:)

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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10 Responses

  1. Aledia

    This looks like alot of fun and what a cute theme idea as well!
    Thanks so much for sharing, You will find that I am your newest follower 🙂
    have a Plum Perfect evening!

  2. Designs on 47th Street

    How creative to use those fun aprons on the backs of chairs for this shower. Lots of creativity going on here, I can tell. Oh you are right! That view is fabulous. How I would love to be able to look out at water from my house.

    Thanks for sharing and for your visit. Do come again,.

  3. Debbie

    This is about the cutest shower I’ve ever seen. Love the aprons on the backs of the chairs … how adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cassandra

    Wow, what a beautiful place you have here. I love the background! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day!

  5. Rachel

    What a lovely bridal shower theme! I absolutely love the vintage aprons tied around the chairs. Such a sweet and darling feel to all the decorating. I love it! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙂

  6. Sue

    What a fun party! The aprons on the back of the chairs is very clever. This was really creative and I’m sure the guests enjoyed every minute.

  7. Phyllis

    I wish I could have attended this FUN party……how cute are those aprons tied on the back of the chairs! I must share this with you…….I married 47 years ago and one of my mom’s friends gave me a kitchen shower….she had each guest sign a pretty yellow apron with their normal signature. She told me that she would bring it to me later….and when she did, I was shocked. She had embroidered each lady’s name in a deeper shade of yellow. I still have the apron and treasure it as it always brings back memories of a lot of ladies who are no longer on our earth.

  8. Marigene

    Cute table…I like the aprons tied to the backs of the chairs. The dessert table is gorgeous…those cupcakes look delicious.
    Have a great weekend!

  9. Elaina

    Eeeeeeee! May I ask where you got that gorgeous fluted edge blue/aqua cake pedestal on the right? I must have one like it!

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