Welcoming The New Year

Looking Back At Christmas And Welcoming The New Year

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas holiday! This year was a whirlwind for me. I was so busy with Christmas orders that next year I think I may have to hire an extra pair of hands to help me.  My new line of personalized pillows seem to have really touched the heartstrings of shoppers this year. I love making them and love that they make people smile. I haven’t really featured my pillows on my blog so today I am going to toot my own horn a little and show you a few of this year’s best sellers. I hope you don’t mind.

Handmade Pillows Made From The Heart

This personalized snowman family pillow is new this year and proved to be my number one seller. The little snowmen are so cute. I can even add snowman kitty cats and puppy dogs to them!

Handmade Personalized Country Snowman Family Pillow Christmas Gift

This Gingerbread Man Family Christmas pillow features an assortment of vintage style Gingerbread men. Too cute.

Personalized Handmade Gingerbread Man Family Christmas Pillow

I couldn’t make these I Love My Granddog Pillows fast enough this year. I made one for my Mom last year and she loved it. I placed them on my website and Etsy shop in late November and people really warmed to them. It was a nice surprise.

Personalized I Love My Granddog Gift Pillow

I designed this sentimental Grandmother inspired pillow for my own Grandma last year. It was a heartfelt gift that made her smile.I added it to my online stores this year as well and I sold quite a few of them.

Handmade Grandmother Gift Pillow

I love making my printed pillows and have a ton of ideas for new ones. You can take a look at my entire handmade pillow line here.

My Handmade Glittered Starfish Christmas Tree Toppers once again proved to be a top seller again this year. They are so pretty.

Nautical Turquoise Starfish Christmas Tree Topper

Now that the Christmas rush is over I have some time to catch my breath and relax with the family a little bit. I will be welcoming the new year by relaxing at home with my family, watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy  and taking Christmas decorations down. There will be no running around town with a lampshade on my head. I probably won’t even see the ball drop as I have to work at the horse farm in the morning. I am ready to move into the new year and see what it has in store for me. I hope to grow my little business in the new year and continue doing what I love….creating and decorating!

Welcoming A New Year with a Vintage New Year Postcard
Happy New Year!!!!

How are you planning to welcome the new year?


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