A Little Bit Of Lisa’s Makes It To Prime Time

Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post today. I’ve had a little bit of excitement here at Lisa’s last night! Did anyone catch epsiode 6 of Pan Am last night???? Did you notice the vintage style Teddy Bear from the amusement park scene???

pan am episode 6

That’s my Teddy Bear!

A few weeks ago I got a call from a woman who was interested in purchasing a vintage style teddy bear I had for sale on my website. She had a couple of questions about it and mentioned it would be used as a prop for a TV show.

Well, this sparked my interest. I found out it was for a scene in the up and coming Pan Am series that would be airing in a few weeks. OH MY!!!! I had noticed the coming attractions for this nostalgic series and had already planned on watching it. The show is based in the 1960’s and my little teddy bear would  fit right in. Oooh I had goosebumps!

I rushed to the shop, grabbed the little guy and raced home. I carefully packed him in the box that would take him to stardom! (lol) My husband said “Can’t you do put your name on it in big letters, like Lisa’s Creative Designs?” I laughed and said no, that just would not work. I won’t be getting any kind of credit but still, how cool would it be to see him on TV? I am not sure where he came from, I picked him up on one of my treasure hunting trips, but I knew where he was going!

Here’s a picture of what the front of him looks like. Cute huh???vintage inspired teddy bear pan amI know, to most this is really no big deal. Big whoop. 30 seconds of airtime and you only see the back and side of him. I mean, I didn’t make him or anything right? To me though it was a real treat.

It’s funny. I have always been intrigued with old TV and movie props. Everytime I go to Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida I love to look at all the props they have on display. I would LOVE to work as a set decorator in the film industry. Everytime I see a movie or TV show I find myself looking at the set from a designer’s point of view and thinking, “How fun would it be to design that?” Set decorators have to scour flea markets, thrift stores and prop houses looking for the perfect accessories for their projects. That’s right up my alley! Hey, you can’t blame a gal for dreaming!

Well, thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!


Photo: Courtesy of TelevisionWithoutPity.com

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  1. Georgia

    Lisa! I’m like you and think it was very exciting! The bear is cute and deserved a “starring” role in that scene!! Such fun!!
    Grandma G’s

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