Take A Tour Of A Haunted Historical Cemetery

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Want to do something “spooky” to get yourself in the mood for Halloween this year? Plan a trip and take a tour of a haunted historical cemetery in your area!

It doesn’t need to be Halloween for me to enjoy a trip to an historical cemetery. I LOVE walking through old graveyards. I actually get excited when I see one! Maybe it is my love of history, vintage style and a good ghost story. I love spooky (not gory) things. My #1 favorite ride in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is The Haunted Mansion. I could just ride it all day!

Historical Cedar Grove Cemetery in New Bern, NC

We have a few historical graveyards in my area. Today we are going to take a little tour of the Cedar Grove Cemetery located in the charming, historic district of downtown New Bern, North Carolina. New Bern is about an hour’s drive from my home and I found out about this beautiful old cemetery when I went on a Ghost Walk hosted by the local historical society. It was amazing and I knew I had to come back and see it in the daylight!

Cedar Grove Cemetery New Bern

Established in 1800, this cemetery is surrounded by a rock wall and grand triple-arch entrance. Inside the walls of this graveyard you will find graves of confederate soldiers, family plots and the inventor of Pepsi Cola, Caleb Bradham. Some say there are even a few ghosts roaming around the property.

Cedar Grove HIstoric Haunted Cemetery

I loved strolling through this 13 acre cemetery, reading the inscriptions on the grave stones, and wondering what each soul was like in life. I have a passion for historical television shows. This love affair started with Little House On The Prairie when I was a kid and has just exploded in recent years with Netflix and Amazon Prime TV. I look at these graves and and what it was really like to live in the 1800’s. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine. Although I know life was harder in a lot of ways back then I just love this era. My mother in law says I am an old soul.

Cedar Grove Historic Haunted Cemetery

Some of the headstones are just so ornate, elegant and beautiful.

Cedar Grove HIstoric Haunted Cemetery

Here in the South, some of trees are adorned with Spanish Moss. I think this just adds to the creepy charm of a historical cemetery.

Cedar Grove HIstoric Haunted Graveyard

So, is this cemetery really haunted? I can’t say yay or nay on the subject. I was not creeped out in the slightest while touring this site. I found it rather peaceful and beautiful.

Plan Your Own Tour Of A Haunted Historical Cemetery

So, if you love history or are looking for a thrill during the Halloween season, take a trip to your own local historical cemetery. Just do a Google Search and see what pops up. Who knows, it might just bump into a ghost or two!

Happy Haunting!


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