Custom Memory Pillow Made From Loved One’s Clothing


Have a custom memory pillow made from your loved one’s clothing! These pillows make heartfelt wedding gifts, new baby gifts and bereavement gifts to remember those who we have loved and lost.


If you are looking for a gift that will pull at the heart strings, consider having a custom memory pillow created from special loved one’s clothing! These darling pillows are perfect for remembering a special time in one’s life or keeping a loved one who has passed close to your heart. Have a custom pillow created from Grandma’s wedding dress, Dad’s favorite shirt or your son’s little league jersey. These handmade memory pillows make wonderful gifts for weddings, Christmas, Birthdays. They are also heart warming bereavement gifts. For each and every pillow I make I try to keep the integrity of the garment in tact by incorporating buttons, pockets and tiebacks into the pillow. I can even add extra lace or create a patchwork type of pillow using pieces of more than one garment.
Each pillow is custom made to order.

After completing your purchase I will contact you with the address you will need to ship the clothing to. Please be sure to include any lace, ribbon or embellishments you would like me to incorporate. Your pillow will usually ships within 7 Days of receiving the garment.

Using a 14″ X 14″ template I strive to make each pillow about 12″ square unless the garment is smaller than that.

Each pillow is stuffed with polyester filling.

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