Pumpkin Picking In The Country At Mike’s Farm!

Come Spend An Autumn Day In The Country While Pumpkin Picking At Mike’s Farm

Autumn is my favorite time of year and as a country girl one of my favorite places to visit in October is Mike’s Farm in Beulaville, NC. I look forward to the 45 minute drive for afternoon of pumpkin picking in the country.

Mike’s Farm is nestled in a quiet community of North Carolina know as the “Back Swamp” not too far from the local airport. It began as a small tobacco farm in 1945 and in the 1980’s it evolved into a small Christmas Tree farm. Over the years it grew into what it is today and I am all to happy to give you a little tour of one of the prettiest places in eastern NC.

Pumpkin Picking In The Country Mike's Farm

I discovered Mike’s farm back in the late 1990’s when my son was little and pumpkin picking at the farm has since become a bit of a tradition. I have a picture somewhere of me holding my daughter on the hayride to the pumpkin patch when she was only 2 months old! I have watched this quaint place grow over the years and it seems to keep growing to offer more to area families every year.

Pretty As A Picture

Everywhere you turn there are creative Fall inspired displays that make great spots for a little picture taking, especially if you have little ones. I love this old wagon filled with hay, mums and pumpkins.

Country Outdoor Fall Decor at Mike's Farm

What a great vintage truck!

Vintage Truck at Mike's farm NC

An old tractor sits in front of the gift shop and bakery at Mike’s farm surrounded by pumpkins just waiting for someone to  come along and strike a pose.

Vintage Tractor at Mike's Farm

This cute scarecrow vignette welcomes guests as they enter the porch to the gift shop.

Country Scarecrow Vignette Mike's Farm

Country Flavors and A Feast For The Eyes

One of my favorite spots at Mike’s farm is the country bakery and gift shop. It is so cozy and inviting.

Mike's Farm Country Bakery and Gift Shop

They make a variety of homemade pies, pastries and cookies and if you are lucky you can actually view the ladies making these delectable goodies through the bakery’s observation window. These pumpkin shaped sugar cookies are my daughter’s favorite. The bakery also sells fudge, coffee, hot apple cider and custom made cakes for special occasions. Yum!

Mike's Farm bakery

You can enjoy your sweets while lounging in one of the many rocking chairs on the porch or at one of the tables in the dining room. The gift shop is full of country decor, holiday decor, country cook books, candles and more. I love gazing at all the goodies they have to offer. I adore country stores.

Mike's farm Country Gift Shop

I love this Autumn inspired Christmas tree….

Autumn Christmas Tree

A Hayride To The Pumpkin Patch

A mere $2 will get you a pass on the hayride that will take you on a 5 to 10 minute ride through the woods to the pumpkin patch. If you are hungry you can grab a soda, hot dog and chips while you wait for your hayride.

Pumpkin Picking In The Country at Mike's Farm

My daughter is 15 now and still loves going to Mike’s farm. She keeps asking me if we are going this year.

Pumpkin Picking In The Country Mike's Farm

The hayride drops you off in one of a few pumpkin patches they have on the farm where you can hunt for your own Great Pumpkin. My kiddos may look a little unamused in the photo but I think the sun was just in their eyes. Lol

Pumpkin Picking In The Country Mike's Farm

I love this picture from a few years ago…. now that’s more like it!


More To See and Do at Mike’s Farm

No farm would be complete with out a few barnyard animals! The farm has a small petting zoo which is home to a variety of furry and feathered friends. Little ones can feed the goats and sheep, take a gander at a few chickens and play peek-a-boo with some fluffy bunnies.

Mike's Farm Petting Zoo

Mike’s farm has so much to offer kids of all ages. Last year we saw a magic show in the old barn which gave us all a few chuckles. There is a picnic area so you can pack a lunch or you can opt to eat at their family style restaurant that is quite good I hear. (I’ve never been.)They also host dinner shows, birthday parties, group cookouts and even weddings. Oh, if I could do it all over again I would love to have my wedding at Mike’s farm!

In October they host a haunted hayride that’ll scare the pants of anyone. At Christmas time you can come to the farm to purchase a fresh Christmas tree and take a ride through their Festival of Lights hayride through the woods.

Mike’s Farm is one of my favorite places in eastern NC. Spending a day in the country with my family warms my heart.

Thrifty Tip:

If you are a resident of eastern NC and want to take a trip to Mike’s Farm but are on a budget stick with buying the small pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. They go for about $2 a piece as opposed to the large pumpkins that are priced by the pound. I usually purchase our large Jack O’Lantern pumpkins at the local grocery store for $4.99 on sale.

Do you have a favorite place to go pumpkin picking in your neck of the woods?

Happy Decorating!



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