Master Bedroom Makeover Update: A Vintage Cottage Style Patchwork Coverlet

If you have been following my blog for sometime you may remember that I have been sloooowly redecorating my master bedroom. It’s been almost a year now. A few months ago I shared my Vintage Door Bed Makeover where I revamped my bed by swapping out the headboard with an old door and upholstered it.

vintage door bed

For a few years I have been collecting vintage fabrics with this week’s project in mind. I had planned on creating a vintage, shabby chic inspired patchwork coverlet for my bed.

Vintage Shabby Chic Fabrics

I started out by cutting 182 8″ X 8″ squares of fabric. I have a Queen size bed so that’s a lot of squares! I began by sewing a single row of fabric squares end to end, long enough to cover the width of the bed, adding a 16″ drop on both sides.

crafting a patchwork coverlet

I created another single row, sewing each square to the next, and then sewed the two rows together. When laying out each square I was careful not to place an identical square next to it.

crafting a coverlet

I continued with this process until the patchwork coverlet was large enough to cover the whole bed with a 16″ drop on each side.Shabby Chic Patchwork Coverlet

Once the patchwork design was finished I finished up the coverlet by sewing two vintage flat bed sheets for the backing. Vintage florals, vintage chenille and some new fabric makes up this scrumptious coverlet.

Shabby Cottage Chic Coverlet

I added layers of fluffy handmade pillows, created with more vintage fabrics……

Shabby Cottage Chic Coverlet

I added a soft, pastel pink matelasse coverlet at the foot of the bed. This was more for a functional purpose really. My “puppy” thinks our bed is her’s and lounges on it all day. The matelasse protects the delicate fabrics of the patchwork coverlet from her nails and it’s pretty too!
Shabby Cottage Chic Bed

I replaced the bed skirt with a white, tiered ruffled one that just adds to the romantic feel of the bed. My husband wanted to know if I could “girlie it up any more.” He’s a good sport really, letting me have the run of the house with all my decorating antics. I know the bed is a bit on the feminine side but shouldn’t a bedroom be that way? LOL. I am sure in time it will change again as my house is always evolving. Maybe he will catch a break and get a more masculine look next time. Maybe.

Shabby Chic Bed

Well that’s my new Vintage Cottage Style Patchwork Coverlet and my Shabby Chic Inspired Bed. My master bedroom is almost finished with only a few more projects left to do. The next project I plan to tackle is the nightstand situation. I will be replacing the small dresser and nightstand I currently have flanking the bed with two upcycled, antiqued silver, mirrored nightstands. Now that the weather is getting warm it is the perfect time to get started on that.

cottage style dresser

I am chomping at the bit to get my master completed so I can start working on my daughter’s room! Do you have any DIY projects you have been dying to start????
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6 Responses

  1. Sandy brown

    This is so beautiful I just love it! Love what you did with the quilt and pillows. I love that horse painting–that is so beautiful! I would love to find something like that.

  2. Susan

    You did a great job on the coverlet! It is so pretty!

  3. Dee

    That is such a pretty quilt, and I love the room! I’ve been working on our bedroom too, and it’s taking forever–you’re not alone! :)From Say’Gday

  4. janice schaub

    Beautiful colours. I love the quilt and the vintage linens. I have one bedroom to decorate and I want to do it in pink and white. I am thinking that I will do a quilt for that room and maybe just a simple one like that would be best. I like that a lot.
    I have just finished a blue room. Pictures on my blogs.

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