Light Up A Room With Creative Lighting

A Lesson In Lighting

Proper lighting is a must when decorating a room. There are three types of lighting to consider when planning a design scheme; Ambient or General Lighting, Task Lighting and Accent Lighting. Today I would like to shed a little light on this and share a few creative lighting options.

When we walk into a room and flip on a light switch we are using Ambient Lighting to illuminate the room, to keep from tripping over the sofa or that pesky pair of sneakers carelessly left out in the open. Ambient lighting is usually created with an overhead light fixture like a chandelier. I created this unique pendant light out of an old Bait Cage I found on a treasure hunt. You can see this transformation here.

Creative Lighting: An Upcycled Bait Cage Pendant Light

Task lighting is pretty self explanatory. It is a more condensed light used for a specific task such as reading or food prep. In my Master Bedroom an antique milk glass lantern gives me the light I need to work at my desk in the evening or on cloudy days.

Vintage Shabby Chic Desk

Lastly, we use accent lighting to show off something like artwork on a wall or by placing an up light behind a plant to accentuate it’s shape. Sometimes accent lighting can be used to just add a little twinkle and interest to a room like this pretty Pelican Lamp I placed in a client’s guestroom.

Pelican Accent Lamp

I love this Fish Bottle Lamp I did awhile back. I filled a glass fish shaped bottle with Christmas lights, painted and distressed it so the light would come through. My husband liked it so much he wanted me to keep it but I sold it on my online boutique.

Aqua Blue Distressed Fish Bottle Lamp

Creative Lighting With Table Lamps

Table Lamps can be used to solve many of our lighting issues and we can have a little creative fun with them.

Table Lamps Used For Ambient Lighting

I created this pretty lamp from a gorgeous bottle and wrapped the shade in complimentary fabric. You can see how to Make Your Own Bottle Lamp Here.

A Beach Inspired Table Lamp

Place a table lamp on a night stand and it can act as both task lighting for reading in bed and ambient lighting for when you get up in the morning. There is nothing worse than someone flipping on the bright overhead light in the middle of the night or when the alarm goes off. I know I’d rather wake up gradually, easing into the day instead of jumping out of bed as if I had springboard strapped to my back.

Upcycled Vanity Night Stands

Plain lampshades can be easily dressed up with some satin ribbon and rhinestones.

A Quick and Easy Way To Dress Up A Lampshade

I created this quirky table lamp by wrapping the shade in a vibrant fabric, adding a lime green clam shell and adding a painted palm tree to the glass base. This Beachy Lime Green Palm Tree table lamp would definitely add a little personality to a room.

Lime Green Hand Painted Palm Tree Table lamp

This lamp started out as a plain glass piece. Although functional, it wouldn’t add any pizzazz to a room.

plain glass table lamp

This vintage cast iron Pineapple Lamp once looked like something you might find in Grandma’s house sitting on a table next to the sofa wrapped in a plastic slipcover…

vintage cast iron pineapple table lamp

With a few coats of turquoise paint and a freshly painted lampshade, this Pineapple lamp is able to brighten up a room and add a punch of color. Painting a lampshade is an easy way to customize any lamp.

Creative Lighting: A Painted Pineapple Lamp

Mason jars are all the rage right now and they can be used in so many ways around the home. They can even be turned into pretty table lamps like this purple rose mason jar lamp. I painted a plain glass mason jar a pretty purple, turned it into a lamp with a lamp kit and embellished the shade with ribbon and a large silk rose. For an added touch I even sprinkled the leaves with glitter!

Shabby Chic Purple Mason Jar Lamp With Romantic Rose Shade

Creative Candlelight

We may not live in the dark ages anymore but candlelight still has its place in homes today. The pretty glow from a candle can just relax you from head to toe. Glass candle holders can be creatively decorated to match any decor. These glass vintage inspired votive holders have been decoupaged in vintage book pages and glitter. They would be perfect in a library if you are lucky enough to have one but if not they would add a touch of charm to any romantic tablescape or mantel.

Upcycled Vintage Book Page Votive Candle Holders

This Shabby chic inspired DREAM mason jar candle holder is another example of how mason jars can be incorporated in your lighting scheme.

Glittered Shabby Chandelier DREAM Jar Candle Holder (1)

The right lighting can set the whole tone for a room. Creative lighting options such as hand painted lamps, upcycled fixtures and even candlelight can give a room personality, warmth and a sense of style and comfort.

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