How To Make A Beach Inspired Bottle Lamp

Learn How To Make A Beach Inspired Bottle Lamp For Your Seaside Cottage

Hello My Dear Blogland Friends,

Last week I featured this cute lamp I created for a staging client in my post Staging A Beach Inspired Bedroom On A Budget. Today I thought it would be fun to teach those of you crafty individuals how to make a beach inspired bottle lamp that you can call your own.
A Beachy Bottle Lamp

To create this bottle lamp you will need a few things before you begin.

How To Make a Bottle Lamp

To get started on your Bottle Lamp you will need:

  • A Glass Bottle
  • A Bottle Lamp Kit Found Here
  • A Self Adhesive Lampshade
  • 1 to 1-1/2 yards of Fabric
  • Jute String
  • Sand and a few small Seashells (optional)
  • A Starfish (optional)
  • Glue

Most of these items can be found at your local craft store. Your local hardware store should carry the lamp kit if you can’t find it in the craft shop.

Begin by adding some dry sand to the bottom of the bottle and toss in a few seashells.

Follow the directions for wiring the lamp socket that comes with the kit. Please be sure to connect the correct wires on the right terminals. The ribbed cord always goes to the silver terminal and the smooth wire always goes to the brass terminal.

How To Make A Bottle Lamp

Finish assembling the socket and place it into the top of the bottle. There will be a rubber stopper in the kit to hold it in place.

Cover The Lampshade:

I purchased a lampshade that comes with an adhesive coating, ready to be covered with fabric. All you have to do is remove the paper template that covers the adhesive layer, lay it onto the back side of the fabric and cut it to size.

How To Make A Beachy Bottle Lamp

Lay your fabric over the shade and smooth out any wrinkles. To cover up the raw edges I glued jute string to the edges of the shade, holding it in place with clothespins until dry.

How To Make A Bottle Lamp

Too cute!

A Beachy Lampshade

I wrapped the neck of the bottle with a thinner jute string and hung a starfish from it for added interest. You can secure the string with white glue or hot glue.

How To Make A Beachy Bottle Lamp

I love how this beach inspired bottle lamp turned out. It is perfect for a beach style room and the colors totally work!

How To Make A Beach Inspired Bottle Lamp

Now you know how to make a beach inspired bottle lamp! If the beach thing really isn’t your style you can use any type of fabric or bottle to match your decor. I created this lamp a few months ago out of a vintage soda bottle. I decoupaged vintage recipes and images from an old cook book to the shade.
Upcycled Vintage Bottle Lamp

t sits in my kitchen now on my rescued Hoosier table. Love it!

Vintage Hoosier Table

I have a couple of other pretty cobalt blue bottles waiting to become lamps as when I finally get around to it. One of them is an antique seltzer bottle I picked up on a little shop in NY. I plan on putting it in my dining room and the other bottle is a used Vodka bottle. I loved the color and just had to snag it! Once it has gotten its makeover I am sure it will end up in my online shop.

cobalt blue bottles

Thanks so much for stopping by today. That’s all folks!


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2 Responses

  1. Lisa

    I love your Hooiser and display! I recently discovered your blog and so enjoy the pictures and getting ideas from them. The Virginia Dare bottle lamp is really neat. My mother-in-law’s name is Virginia Dare and she has several of those bottles, though I believe the writing is in blue.

    • Lisa Hogan

      Aww. Thanks so much for reading my blog! That’s so cool! I love the bottle lamp in my kitchen. It was a fun project. 🙂

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