Personalized U.S. Armed Forces Military Soldier Photo Gift Pillow


This custom made US Armed Forces Military Soldier Photo Gift Pillow is created in the USA from YOUR Photo. These photo  pillows make great deployment gifts for those missing someone in the military who is close to their hearts and away from home. Kids missing Mom or Dad will love snuggling with their photo pillow while they are away in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or Air Force.

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This Personalized US Armed Forces Military Soldier Photo Gift pillow is custom made from your photo in the USA. These pillows make perfect Christmas, Birthday or “Miss You” gift when our loved ones in the military cannot be with us. This custom made military hero pillow would make a wonderful deployment gift for any military family. The kiddies will love snuggling a custom photo gift pillow of Mom or Dad if they are in the Army, Navy, Air Force or U.S. Marine Corps. It would also make a heartwarming gift for a lonely spouse.

Each personalized military hero photo pillow is cut out to the shape of your favorite Army soldier, Airmen, Navy Sailor or other military hero. No two pillows are exactly the same and you can be sure this will be a one of a kind gift that will touch their heart! These pillows also make endearing bereavement gifts for a family suffering from a loss.

Each photo will be edited to remove as much as the background as possible so the focus is on your loved one. Please send high resolution photos at a minimum of 1500 pixels. Photos of your loved one sitting or standing with nothing blocking any part of their body works best with these pillows. The larger the photo the better. After purchase please send your image to me in an email.


The exact size of the pillow will depend on the shape of the image. The image will be printed on a fabric template that is 13″ wide X 18″ tall. Please keep in mind the pillow will be smaller than those measurements once sewed and stuffed. I make each pillow as large as the image will allow without distortion.

~Made from premium Cotton Fabric with Polyester Filling
~Printed with permanent washable ink.
~Custom Requests Welcome.

*** Ships from the USA. I am happy to Ship Internationally but am not responsible for delays or additional charges in Customs.***

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  1. Heather Smith

    Super sweet seller… perfect photo pillow… quick shipping. Thanks!!!

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