Another Mercury Glass Lamp Makeover

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Ok, you may know I am always on the prowl for mercury glass items for my home. I had just purchased this lamp from ROSS for $35.00 (Ross is like Marshall’s and TJ Max). The shade it came with was great but it didn’t match my decor so I swapped it out for this black one. So what did I do with the shade that came with the lamp? Remember the shade from my Faux Mercury Glass Lamp Makeover ? Bingo! I think it looks great on it!

Ross Mercury Glass Lamp

 So anyway, I was creeping around my usual thrift shop haunt and came across this Mercury glass “Thing-A-Ma-Jig” hanging out on a top shelf.

mercury glass makeover

I saw this piece for a few weeks just sitting there waiting for a home. I took it down a few times but always put it back because I was not sure what I would do with it.  It was also very wobbly and seemed ready to fall apart.

This day I took a longer look and a lightbulb went off. “Hmmm. It would make a neat looking lamp,” I thought. I took it down and examined it. All the wobbly  pieces spun around as if they were on a pole. “HMMMM! If it is a pole in there I wonder if it is hollow, you know for a lamp cord to pull through?”

So now I was on a mission. I put it in my basket, brought it up to the checkout and took it home. I stopped at the hardware store on the corner and bought a lamp cord, plug and socket.

I began by pulling the whole thing apart and threaded the wire through the pole. Hey…this is gonna work!mercury glass lamp makeover

I reassembled the lamp and glues each piece with this “Amazing Goop” household glue. This stuff really is amazing. I created a birdbath with an old porch post, enamelware bowl and a dinner plate last summer. I used this glue to put it together and I am HAPPY to say it is still together and has survived the heat of the summer, wind, rain and freezing temperatures. Pretty Amazing huh? You can see that Bird bath Blog Post Here

The Amazing Goop

wooden bun feet

In order to give the cord the clearance it needed in order to keep the lamp level I added these little wooden “Bun Feet” to the bottom. They were just wooden plugs I painted silver.

mercury glass makeover

When I got it all put together I made sure it worked. Eureka! Then I went to my local discount store and picked up a cute red shade for $5.00.

mercury glass lamp

And here is my pretty little lamp all done! It sits on the $10.00 stool I use as a table next to my loveseat. I love it 🙂

mercury glass lamp

Total cost for this guy…..

$10 Lamp Base

$5.00 Shade

$6.50 Cord, Plug and Socket

Total  $21.50. Not too Shabby I Think!

What is your favorite Thrifty makeover you have done? I’d love to hear!

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5 Responses

  1. Diane @ home sweet homemade

    how cool is that! What a fabulous find. You know I would NEVER have given that little thing a second thought other than to wonder with disappointment why it wasn’t a lamp. You are SO clever to figure out the secret! Wonderful transformation (both) 🙂

  2. Flowershopgurl

    Wow, it’s amazing what you did to make that lamp, I love it! Stopping by from Good Life Wednesday’s!

  3. Lavender Dreams

    That is gorgeous! I see things sometimes…but can’t imagine how to fix them! You did a great job and now you can enjoy it! Love the red shade! ♥

  4. Ann

    How smart! I love mercury glass, would love to have a lamp…better be looking for a potential one out there!

  5. Egretta Wells

    Good job! Very creative and a wonderful looking lamp.

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