My Christmas Mantel and An Early Gift

Hi All,
So. Have you ever felt like you were juggling so much that you half expected the people with the “Funny White Coats” would be stopping by any minute to take you on a little trip to the funny farm????
Well, I have been feeling quite overwhelmed these days. Between filling Christmas orders, decorating for the holidays, design work, errands, Christmas shopping, wrapping, not to mention ALL of the household “Must Do’s” around the house and trying to find the time to do some blogging here and there, I swear those nice men will be knocking on my door any minute!

I did manage to snap a few pictures of my Holiday Decorating accomplishments recently and thought I’d share this year’s Christmas mantel today.

If you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember how my mantel looked last year…..

Vintage Kitsch Christmas Mantel

Last year (and the year before) I went with a vintage Christmas Kitsch theme for my mantel, decorating it with items that reminded me of yesteryear. This year I went down a little different road with it.  Glitter and Elegance in Silvers, Whites and Aqua Blue came to mind.  Lets take a look at what I came up with, shall we????

Vintage Inspired Christmas Mantel

First off, I have a new mirror above my mantel. I replaced the navy blue mirrored window with this pretty aqua blue one. I picked this baby up at a thrift shop a while back  and paid maybe $15-$20 for it. It told me it wanted to be a soft aqua blue (of course!) I thought my Book Page Christmas Wreath would look perfectly centered on the mirror for the holidays.

I went a little nuts at Marshall’s this year. I LOVE their selection of holiday decor and they have great prices too!

Bethany Lowe Snowman Decoration

These two Bethany Lowe Snowmen are my Christmas gift to me from Marshall’s. I just fell in love with them and at $17.99 for the big guy and $9.99 for the little guy I couldn’t say no. I absolutely adore Bethany Lowe’s vintage style.

Bethany Lowe Mantel Decor

The pretty aqua glittered house was around $12.99 and I went a bit crazy scarfing up a bunch of these pretty mercury glass Christmas ornaments at $3.99 each. I bought a few more of these guys at Home Goods and have them displayed in my Dining Room. (more on that in a future post). The glittery aqua tree was a $2.99 find at The Christmas Tree store I visited while in NY.

Mercury Glass Christmas Tree

The Mercury glass Christmas tree was affordable at $12.99 and I love the rhinestone accents. I’ve seen these popping up in magazines and all over blogland. I squealed with delight when I found them. The pretty little aqua snowflakes were from Walmart. I got a whole box of them for around three dollars.

White Glittered Reindeer

The pretty white glittered reindeer I have on each end of the mantel were a thrift store find. I think I paid around $2.00 for the pair. They started out a gawdy gold but look great all white and glittery. I thought I snapped a “before” shot of these guys but I can’t locate it at the moment.

Bethany Lowe Wish banner

The Bethany Lowe WISH banner was also a Marshall’s find from their clearance aisle.  I  picked this up months ago and had it stashed away in the garage. Although it wasn’t intended to be a Christmas decoration I think it fits perfectly.

A few vintage ornaments and some white glittered garland completes the look. So… what do you think?

Christmas Mantel

As far as the early Christmas Gift goes…….

My daughter has begged for a particular Christmas present for MONTHS. When she wrote her Christmas wish list this year it was at the top of the list followed by 3 small items. I was VERY adamant that NO! She would not be getting one this Christmas because it is just too much work. Well, this weekend my husband and I were getting ready to go out and do some Christmas shopping and the topic came up. The result????

A Christmas Puppy

Meet Jingles. She is a 10 week old Jack Russell Terrier / Beagle mix. I gave in. True to my words she had every soul in the house up all night as she wailed, howled and whined while we were trying to sleep that first night home. I was outside every two hours that night shivering in the cold begging her to “Go pee pee”. Being a puppy she has peed and pooped on the floor a couple of times, but her sleeping is starting to improve. Things will get better. Besides….. how could you stay mad at that face????

Hope you are all having a wonderful time preparing for the Holidays.

Thanks so much for visiting today!


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  1. stefanie

    love your decor!!! beautiful, and that sweet!!! puppy!

  2. Tricia

    Everything looks so pretty! I love that little glitter house. I especially love Jingles…what a cutie!

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