A Blue and White Shabby Chic Beachy Bathroom Makeover

Today I am very excited to share with you  a Beachy Bathroom Makeover done on a shoe string budget! This little bathroom is located on the second floor of my home and is used by overnight guests and my kiddies.

We have lived in our home for 6 years  and the bathroom was dressed in the bland off white FLAT paint the builders used when the house was built. A word to the wise…if you are having a house built, UPGRADE the paint to a semigloss or satin finish paint. Most builders slap on flat paint in new builds and it is very hard to keep clean, especially with kids in the house. This is something I wish I had thought of when we were at the building stage.

Anywho, its a tiny bathroom and was crying out for a facelift. Here are a few “Before” pictures…..

Beach Bathroom Before

As you can see I already had quite a few beachy accessories displayed but overall the bathroom was Blah. I decided to keep the beach theme but dress it up a bit.


(Notice the medicine cabinet on the wall, more on this later.)Beach Bathroom Makeover Before






















The biggest change I made was painting the walls this BEAUTIFUL bright blue called Sweet Dreams by Olympic Paint at Lowe’s. I bought one gallon satin finish for $15.00. It was enough to do the whole room.

And now… the after pictures……

beach bathroom after

I love how the white popped against the paint color so I ran with it. I added a white throw rug from Kmart on sale for $3.99 and bought a new white fabric shower curtain for $20 also at Kmart.

bathroom rug

white shower curtain

Underneath the window I attached a “Shabby” towel rack I created out of an old white chippy board and some ceramic white drawer pulls as “hooks”. I put a coat of water base sealer over the chipped paint as a safety precaution. I didn’t want it flaking all over the place. I bought a new white towel at my local discount store for a mere $3.00. I’ve washed it a few times and it has not disintegrated. LOL.

A Good Deal I think!

Above the window I rearranged and edited the beachy knick knacks I had on the shelf before the makeover.

bathroom window shelf makeover after

And now for the sink area… (My favorite part of the redesign)

beach bathroom redesign after

I painted the sink base white and then mixed water and the wall paint and color washed over the white. Its a very easy technique. Just dip a rag in the color wash, wipe it on the surface you are working on and then quickly wipe some of it away. I LOVE how it turned out!

bathroom sink makeover

Here’s a closeup…

bathroom colorwash

Remember the “medicine” cabinet from the before shot? It is an old spice cabinet my Mother-In-Law picked up at a yard sale years ago. I gave it a makeover with a white wash paint treatment and inserted a water scene from last year’s Thomas Kinkade calendar behind the glass. (I LOVE his work. I like to imagine that Heaven looks like the places in his paintings.)

spice rack medicine cabinet

I bought some  white daisies for $4.00 at my grocery store (who has a wonderful floral department by the way) and placed them in a large vintage blue mason jar.

beach bathroom Redesign

 I filled smaller one with white seashells (remember my Faux Mercury Glass Lamp Makeover? I knew I would find some uses for those shells!). I purchased the crisp white hand towel hanging on the duck hook on my Kmart shopping spree for $2.00.  Don’t you love how that white pops?

Here’s a closeup…. I think the flowers really put a finishing touch on the room:)

bathroom redesign

Beach bathroom redesign

beach chic bathroom

 A boat shaped shelf unit sits atop the commode filled with trinkets from the beach along with a rustic lantern.

 This entire redesign cost me around $50. The biggest change in the room was achieved with the paint color and cost a mere $15. Not bad for such a big impact. I was able to reuse alot of the accessories I already had which kept costs down. I am really happy with how it all turned out.

Thanks for touring my shabby chic beachy bathroom today!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

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7 Responses

  1. A Perfect Setting

    This turned out just adorable! I love the color, and your cabinet looks great. It’s amazing what a little paint can do. Your accessorizing looks great, too! All in all, a huge success!!

  2. Deneen

    Nice job! I am your newest follower. Come visit me and I would love for you to follow at

  3. Cricket

    Wow! What a fantastic job! I love what you did! Completely different and gorgeous!

  4. Aunt Linda

    Hey Lee I’m doing my bathroom in a beach decor too but were only like 5 min away from the beach so I’m going to glue real seashell’s from the beach on my new verticle blind’s I put up but only on the top and I got an alright shower curtain (I really don’t like it all, but Bob does so it’s comin down when I find the one I like) it’s like ugly drawing’s of Palm Tree’s nd beach chair’s with umbrell’s on them. I want to find one with sea shell’s and sand onit I already have 2 bottles of sand & shell’s that Riss & Jonah put a lil paint on the outside of the jar’s so they r in my bathroom on a shelf I bought at Wal-Fart. Another vase was the 1 I made one with Lil Miller & Gregg when I was down there another time and that’s on the shelf too. I can’t wait to find my shower curtain, I didn’t check out Bed Bath & Beyond yet. But ur bathroom look’s great! Love A. Linda xoxoxo

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