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New Uses For Old Mason Jars

Old mason jars are wonderfully versatile and can add interest to your décor. They can be filled with fresh flowers, beach glass, sea shells & sand or even turned into luminaries by adding  sand and a tea light or votive to the bottom!

Appeal to All Your Senses

A well designed home should appeal to all of your senses…including smell.  Try burning soy candles or tarts, add some poutpourri in decorative containers or bake a batch of cookies just before guests arrive!

Decorating With Old Architecture

Old Architectural pieces can be turned into unique home accessories that can add charm to a space. Old doors can become headboards,room dividers and tables. Old windows can be made into shelves, tables and wall art

Set The Mood With Lighting

Task lighting is necessary in a room but accent lamps strategically placed can create a certain mood and make the room feel cozy and relaxing, or bright and cheerful! Dimmer switches can give you the option of choosing how bright you want the room to be for a certain period of time.

Picking Paint

Choose wisely when selecting paint for a room. Don’t just concentrate on picking a color but also how well it will wear in a room. If you have pets and children, flat paint would be impractical in highly used rooms as it isn’t washable. Try  a satin or semi gloss finish so dirty little fingerprints can be easily wiped off.


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