Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

Happy Friday Everyone!

Things have been a little crazy around here this week. I have been gearing up for the holidays, creating new items, snapping photos and getting ready to upload them to my website and Etsy shop. Summer is barely over and I am hearing Jingle Bells in my head! My daughter keeps asking me when I am going to start decorating for Halloween. I am late this year. Hopefully I will have time to start that in a couple of days. It seems like my To~Do List is always growing and I can never seem to get ahead of the game! That’s the life of a wife, mom, crafter and business owner I guess. At least I can say I am never bored!

As you may know, I love revamping, re-purposing and finding new uses  for architectural salvage.  I love working with old windows and today I thought I would share some of my past window projects. Perhaps they will spark a few ideas for your own window project.

pink shabby window 2 Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

You can find old windows at salvage yards, thrift stores, flea markets, antique stores and even road side trash heaps. You know you are a true Junker when you lock up the brakes, veer off the road and stop for some old, chippy, dirty windows someone was throwing away!

Sometimes just a simple coat of paint can perk up an old window. I painted this vintage window a soft pink and it would look pretty just as it is, hanging on a wall in a cottage inspired home.

pink shabby window Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

To dress up the window even more you can add a pretty piece of fabric, wallpaper or create a shadow box effect with layers of papers, doilies, buttons, ribbons and other embellishments.

shabby pink window Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

I bought this window years ago at a yard sale for Habitat for Humanity. I removed the glass (not always an easy task), added mirror panes cut to size, painted the piece a nice navy blue and added a pair of shutters (painted to match) to complete the look. It sat in my living room for a few years and now it hangs in my powder room.

Mirror Window 566x600 Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

I love this piece. I bought this upcycled window at a local antique mall about 13 years ago. At $80, this was a splurge for me, but when I saw it I fell in love. Whoever created this piece added vintage mirrors behind two of the glass panes, added a classic Anne Geddes Baby print behind the middle pane and added some vintage drawer pulls for “hooks”.  Can you guess where this window hangs???

Upcycled Window 2 600x399 Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

Yes it is in my bathroom, the same powder room the blue window resides in.

I was visiting Atlanta in August and spied this grouping of window panes hanging in a West Elm Store. I liked the look so much I just had to snap a picture. Hanging a group of windows at different levels on a blank wall definitely makes a statement. Create the look by suspending each window from the ceiling with chain.

West Elm Window Decor 420x600 Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

I can’t remember where I found this large window. It sat outside in the dog pen for a year or so. This naturally aged the window so much so that the glass panes fell out one by one. Remember I mentioned removing glass panes from a window can be a tough job? If you have the time and patience, leave it outside and let Mother Nature do the job for you!

I painted the window frame one of my favorite shades of blue, hung it on the wall above the bed in my master bedroom and dressed it up with a grapevine wreath I bought on clearance at Michael’s. I plan on redecorating my master bedroom within the next few months and this piece is going to stay in the design scheme. I love it!

Upcycled Window 600x591 Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

This old window got a new look by attaching a simple planter box built out of fence boards,  and a white distressed paint job.  Add a couple of potted flowers for a sweet country look. Use it inside or out!

window box lg Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

If you are lucky enough to come across an old window and some table legs….

window table before Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

Build a coffee table! I love this table and wish I had kept it instead of selling it. Sometimes it is hard to let go of your creations.  If you have a large enough window you could make a full size dinner table by using longer legs and adding a large piece of glass to the top. Pull up some mismatched painted flea market chairs and you have a conversation piece!

vintage window table Upcycled Chic ~ Decorating With Vintage Windows

The possibilities are endless! There are many creative people out there that are keeping old windows out of landfills and redesigning them into works of art. I hope this post will inspire you to tackle your own window projects!

Thanks so much for visiting today!

Have a great week!


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